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Linking Cube Numbered Set

£ 99.00
Linking Cube Numbered Set

Ask the children to follow your instructions as you form a pattern with the blocks in front of the class. For example, "Take one red block and join it to a blue block”. Take the exercise one step further by drawing the patterns on the board and asking the children to build them.

This simple exercise helps children make the leap from the abstract (your instructions) to the physical (the blocks).

Use the linking cubes for simple counting exercises. Ask each child to copy what you do as you hold one block up and count "one”, hold another block up, join it with the first block and count them - "one, two”. Continue this to 10. Try counting backwards.

  • Great for teaching
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Multiplication and division
  • Guesstimation
  • Measuring and graphing

Our set includes x500 2cm linking cubes, x5 linkable number base plates and teacher guide, all stored in a handy hard wearing storage box

  • Areas and volumes
  • Patterns and shapes

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