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Playboard Set

Playboard Set

Create pictures, letters or numbers, by threading coloured thread through holes. Brilliant fun and very creative, you can insert multiple threads of different colours through the same hole, creating vibrant images, textures and shapes.

  • Easy to use ideal for all ages at home or school. Play Board sets are an excellent teaching tool, helping pupils to learn or a teambuilding tool to make a picture across teams;
  • To thread Hand eye coordination pushing lace into a hole and onto the next to create a picture
  • Cooperative play making pictures and designs with other people
  • Copy more complex patterns created by other children or adult
  • Photo copy to record a design

These easy to clean long lasting Playboards can withstand high temperatures keeping them in tip top condition. The Playboards can be linked together or used separately time and time again.

We love playboards as they stretch the creative juices in all ages!

Our kit includes: 1 board, 5 coloured laces, 5 florescent coloured laces and 1 pen