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Plop Trumps

£ 5.50
Plop Trumps
Yes, it's the age-old game of Trumps, but with an educational twist…kids will delight in the poo-based subject matter! Each card indicates the 'business'facts for animals as varied as Leopards, Locusts and Lemurs. Use your skill and know-how to clean-up the whole deck!

This is toilet humour at its absolute yuckiness. Instead of Top Trumps this is a game of Plop Trumps. If you're familiar with the card game of Trumps where comparisons are made, then this takes the classic schoolyard game to a whole new disgusting level. The rules are easy - simply compare the smelliness, hardness and general 'uurrgghh factor' of pictures of poo.

Like the normal game of Trumps, each card has a picture and 'stats'; it also comes with an interesting fact about the animal which produced the poo - very educational indeed! This game really does stink! Child-like in its humour and approach, this card game is ideal for grown-ups who have never really grown up!

Makes a great stocking filler or secret santa gift for that colleague who you are not particularly keen on - what a great way to show that person what you really think of them. Comes in a handy tin - easy to transport or take on long car journeys! We give this a disgusting rating of 11 out of 10!

Box Contains

  • 50 Picture and information cards
  • 1 Instruction card